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Exclusive, Authentic Australian Sneaker Store

UNTIED AU is the best place to buy sneakers online in Australia. Explore our unique collection of limited edition and rare sneakers and find the streetwear brands you’ve been searching for!

With an extensive selection of women's and men’s sneakers, you’ll be sure to get the perfect pair to complete your look. Shop with UNTIED and discover why we’re a top Australian sneaker store!

Rare Sneakers & Streetwear Apparel

The Untied team works tirelessly to bring you the latest looks and the biggest drops of the season. These sought-after pieces can be hard to find - but our collection makes buying exclusive sneakers in Australia easier than ever before.

Check out our bestsellers, including Nike Dunks, Air Jordans and Yeezys - and get the look you’ve been searching for at a great price with fast shipping.

Buy Authentic Sneakers online

Exclusive sneakers in Australia can be hard to come by. Rare sneakers are much sought after, and there are way too many fakes and knockoffs out there.

When you shop with Untied, you can count on receiving 100% authentic shoes and brand new sneakers. Just what you’d expect from the leading Australian sneaker store!

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Australian Sneaker Store - FAQs

How do you know your rare sneakers are authentic?

If you're searching for an authentic pair of rare sneakers, then it's important to buy from a trusted retailer.

Fakes are common, but when you shop with a leading Australian sneaker store like Untied, you can trust you’ll only ever receive authentic products.

To ensure you buy authentic sneakers online, we carefully check their materials, detailing and stitching. Authentic rare sneakers deliver a level of quality that knock-offs could never match.

What to look for in rare sneakers?

Rare sneakers are the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Any brand you buy from our Australian sneaker store is 100% legit and in deadstock condition. Quality is key and our team prides ourselves on providing this.

How do you clean rare sneakers?

Keeping your rare sneakers clean means they look fresh and stylish for longer. Use a dry brush to remove dirt and a cleaning solution in warm water to remove more stubborn stains.

Can I wash sneakers in a washing machine?

No. If you buy authentic sneakers online from Untied, then avoid putting them in a washing machine. Instead, carefully hand wash them to keep them clean and looking fresh!

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