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Air Jordan 1

When you think of streetwear, the name Air Jordan 1 likely pops up, worn by trendsetters, loyalists, and sneakerheads alike. Here, at Untied, we're dedicated to sourcing the crème de la crème of sneakers, delivering Jordan 1s Australia-wide straight to your doorstep. This iconic sneaker blends the court with the curb, making it a must-have for fashion lovers and sneaker enthusiasts.

From the Hardwood to the Pavement: The Evolution of the Air Jordan 1

Born from the genius teamwork of Nike and Mr. Slam Dunk, Michael Jordan, in 1985, the Nike Air Jordan 1 was a game-changer in the sneaker world. With an innovative design and colours that pop, it’s a style that demanded attention.

But the Jordan 1s didn't stop there. These shoes continued to evolve, going from making strides on the basketball court to the wider world of fashion. Rocked by designers on catwalks and loved by the fans worldwide, these shoes were dictating trends and not just following them.

Today, the adventure continues with no signs of slowing down. The classic Jordan 1 is still smashing it out of the park, transforming the landscapes of the streets and style. Many iterations like the Air Jordan 1 Mid or the Jordan 1 Low versions, have taken up the mantle, offering a shoe for every sneakerhead. 

From Jordan 1 Australia to the rest of the globe, this shoe blends perfectly whether you're shooting hoops on the court or simply wanting to lend an extra bit of oomph to your daily wardrobe. The combination of style and comfort has powered this range, making the Jordans 1a favourite among all sneaker fans.

The Jordan 1 Womens Collection

In our books, sneakers are a girl’s best friend - and don’t you think it’s time your collection got an upgrade? The Jordan 1 womens collection offers a spectrum of colours and styles, ensuring there is a perfectJordan 1for every woman.

Get the Ultimate Vintage Aesthetic with Retro Jordans

The Retro Jordans series rents spaces on our shelves not just for their nostalgic appeal but for their epic versatility too. Retro Jordans 1 make for a perfect companion to your vintage ensemble, while the modern colourways ensure that your sneaker game stays on point, regardless of the outfit choice. You can pair the Jordan 1 grey for a minimalist aesthetic or pick a bolder colourway to make a statement. The choice is all yours!

Exploring the Air Jordan 1 Lows, Mids, and Highs

Whether it’s the Jordan 1 low, Jordan 1 mid, or the high-tops, every version shares a common trait— lovingly crafted for the streets and the hardcourt alike. Reworked for each season, the diversity of colours and high quality materials never stops evolving, mirroring the dynamic spirit of the Air Jordan legacy.

The styling options are endless - rock the Air Jordan 1 mid for a casual outdoor meet-up, or lace up a pair of Jordan 1 low for a relaxed brunch. For those wanting to amp it up a notch, the high-tops stand to make a statement. 

Shop Nike Air Jordan 1 Australia-Wide at Untied

It’s safe to say that the Air Jordan 1 is the emblem of streetwear culture, effortlessly mingling the realms of sport and style.

If you’re keen for a taste of the Jordan 1 Australia collection or any other Air Jordans, Untied is here— set to serve a slice of basketball legacy, blended with timeless streetwear.

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