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Air Jordan 3

At UNTIED AU, we're totally hooked on the Air Jordan 3. Launched in 1988, this sneaker reshaped the game with its innovative design and unmistakable look. Known for its premium leather finish and the debut of the visible air unit, the Air Jordan 3 kicked off a whole new chapter in basketball footwear, securing its spot as a legendary entry in the Nike Air Jordans lineup.

Nike Air Jordan 3 Redefined Basketball Sneakers

When the Nike Air Jordan 3 burst onto the scene, it wasn't just another sneaker launch; it was a revolution. This kick wasn't merely footwear; with its debut of the iconic Jumpman logo and that eye-catching elephant print, the Air Jordan 3 became a cultural phenomenon. It set the stage for the sneaker trends we can't get enough of today.

Thanks to the visionary designer Tinker Hatfield, the Jordan 3 didn't just push the boundaries of sneaker culture with the Jumpman logo; it turned the shoe into a symbol of excellence in basketball footwear, blending performance with killer style. Off the court, the Air Jordan 3 didn't just walk; it strutted into the spotlight as a fashion icon, capturing the essence of '80s sneaker culture.

But it wasn't all about looks. The Air Jordan 3 upped the ante on comfort and durability. With its plush collar and cushy midsole, it delivered support and comfort, quickly becoming a go-to both for athletes and for kicking back. This perfect blend of practicality and style made the Air Jordan 3 not just a shoe for the game but a must-have fashion item.

Styling the Air Jordan 3

Rocking the Air Jordan 3 means playing with versatility while adding a dash of vintage charm. These kicks go seamlessly with everything from relaxed jeans and a T-shirt to snazzier streetwear ensembles. The Air Jordan 3's unique design features, especially the iconic elephant print, turn any outfit into a statement, adding a layer of personality to your look. For a striking vibe, pair them with bold colours and patterns or dial it back with sleek, monochromatic shades for a timeless style.

Explore the Air Jordan 3 Australia Collection at UNTIED AU

At UNTIED AU, the top sneaker shop in Australia, we're stoked to present our range of Air Jordan 3 Retro sneakers alongside our full line up Nike Air Jordans. If you're into a mix of old-school cool and fresh vibes, the Air Jordan 3 Australia collection is just what you're looking for—great for nailing those moves on the court and turning heads on the street.

Genuine Sneaker Assurance

We take the authenticity of every Nike Air Jordan in our stash seriously, partnering with reputable sources to verify each sneaker's authenticity. This means every pair you get from us is a true heir of its rich heritage. Our promise to you is genuine, quality footwear—every purchase comes with our stamp of integrity.

Speedy Sneaker Dispatch

Get your sneaker fix fast with UNTIED AU's express shipping all over Australia. We're on the ball, ensuring your much-anticipated Nike Air Jordans are dispatched without delay, packed with the utmost care. Thanks to our on-point logistics team, you'll get secure and prompt delivery, with real-time updates from start to finish.

Authentic Customer Support

Customer satisfaction at UNTIED AU isn't just a gimmick—it's about delivering A+ service. Got questions, feedback, or just bubbling over with sneaker love? Our passionate team is all ears, ready to assist and make sure you feel like a vital part of our community every step of the way.

Find Your Perfect Pair

Discover our impressive collection of Nike Air Jordans, featuring the iconic Air Jordan 3 Retro, the timeless Jordan 1s, and the adaptable Air Jordan 4s. Whether you're deep into your Jordan journey or just starting out, we've got the pair that's right for you.

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