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Top 10 Nike Dunk Colourways of All Time - UNTIED AU

Top 10 Nike Dunk Colourways of All Time

The team at Untied has got the latest scoop for all you sneaker aficionados out there. Ever wondered which Nike Dunk colours have made history? Here's our definitive list of the Top 10 Nike Dunk Colour Choices of All Time. 

1. Panda Dunks: The Monochrome Magic 

When you think of Nike Dunk colourways, one of the first that comes to mind would be the legendary Panda Dunks. They aren’t just a colour combo; they’re an emotion. They've seen the highs, the lows, and the mid-tops, and if there’s one pair you need when you're shopping for Nike Dunks online, it's these beauties.

2. University Red Nike Dunk

There’s a reason red carpets exist - they're showstoppers, and so is this hue. These kicks ensure that wherever you go, you're not just walking – you're strutting your stuff on the sneaker runway. 

3. St. John’s: A Touch of Retro 

Giving a nod to the yesteryears, the St. John's variant with its white and red is reminiscent of the times when dunks started ruling the courts. Looking to add a touch of vintage to your collection? Say no more.

4. Kentucky Blue

Mirror the skies or the deep oceans, the Kentucky Blue Nike Dunk shoes are for days when you want to feel limitless. Pair them with jeans or shorts; they’re your summer vibe encapsulated.

5. Syracuse Orange

Turn up the heat, because things are about to get zesty! The Syracuse Orange is fun, vibrant, and a direct ticket to the limelight. Best believe, with these on, you’ll be turning heads in no time!

6. Champ Colours

Golden yellow meets navy in a rendition that screams of victory, nostalgia, and long-standing legacies. The Champ Colours are your ticket to feeling undefeated, every single time.

7. Black & White

No sneaker story is ever complete without the monochromatic maestros. The Black & White Dunks are like that old classic novel – every read (or wear) tells you something new.

8. Plum: Royalty at Your Feet

Ever dreamt of a  Nike Dunk colour that makes you feel like royalty? When deep, luxurious purples mix with the faintest of reds, what you get is the Plum Dunk. An embodiment of royalty, sophistication, and sheer sneaker elegance.

9. Brazil: Carnival on the Courts

Fancy a trip to Brazil without hopping on a plane? Transport yourself to the lanes of Brazil every time you lace up these Nike Dunk shoes. These Brazil-coloured dunks are more than just shoes – they're your daily fiesta waiting to happen!

10. Laser Orange

Last, but not least! The Laser Orange Nike Dunks are a testament to Nike’s promise of innovation, brightness, and a future that looks every bit stylish. It seems like orange really is the new black!

The Nike Dunk Journey 

Sneakerheads, we've traversed through time, colours, and memories. From the courts of the '80s to the streets of 2023, these dunks have seen it all. And as we wrap up this sneaker sojourn, remember, while styles change, classics endure.

The journey with Nike Dunk is not just about the shoes. It's about the stories they tell, the memories they hold, and the footprints they leave behind. So, whether you're an old-school sneaker lover or the budding sneakerhead keen to grow your collection, there’s always a Nike Dunk waiting to make history with you.

The Untied Dunk Digest: Your Go-To Nike Dunks Online Store

Want to own a piece of history? Looking to buy these iconic Nike Dunk shoes? At Untied, we’ve got it all. From the forever iconic Panda Dunks to brighter colourways, it’s time to explore the universe of Nike Dunks online, right here. 

Find your perfect Nike Dunks at Untied today!
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