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Fashion Tips for Womens Wearing Jordans with Style - UNTIED AU

Fashion Tips for Womens Wearing Jordans with Style

It's no surprise that the Women's Nike Jordans have become more than just basketball shoes. From courts to catwalks, these iconic kicks have cemented themselves in the world of fashion. Why? Because when styled right, they’re the perfect blend of sporty, chic, and comfort. So, whether you’re looking to switch up your look or find the perfect complement to your new pair, we’ve got you covered!

A Brief Trip Down Nike Air Jordan Memory Lane

Ready for a bit of a history lesson, sneakerheads? Let's rewind to 1985. The world was graced with the dazzling debut of the Nike Air Jordan 1. Dreamed up for Michael Jordan on the basketball courts, who would've thought these beauties would trade the hardwood for high streets and become a dominating fashion force to be reckoned with? Over the decades, these sneakers have seen a whirlwind of changes, boasting trendy colour schemes and some pretty high-profile collabs - we’re looking at you, Dior and Off-White! 

How to Style Women’s Air Jordans

Now for the moment, you’ve been waiting for - here are our hand-picked fashion tips for styling your Jordans!

Women’s Jordans with Shorts

Warmer weather is knocking on our doors, and guess what's a match made in heaven? Shorts paired with Women’s Air Jordans! Just take a cue from the 'Outer Banks' sensation, Madison Bailey. She wore her fave denim shorts, teamed up with a navy crop top, and of course, those irresistible Nike Air Jordan Women shoes. 

Whether you're out for a casual day with mates or heading out to do errands, this combo will ensure you look good. 

And if denim shorts aren’t your thing, why not opt for bike shorts instead? You could pair them up with a cosy sweatshirt or show some skin with a sports bra in between gym visits.

Women’s Jordans with Crop Tops

Looking for an easy way to style the Nike Air Jordan? Women are bound to have at least one (or more like 20!) crop tops hanging around their wardrobe - and for good reason. Crop tops are so versatile - wear them with shorts, skirts, pants and more. The options are endless!

You could even add a pop of colour with your crop top to make a statement with your Women’s Jordans.

Level Up Your Street Wear with Women’s Air Jordans

Pop on your Jordan 1’s, and watch your comfy trackpants and hoodie transform into a streetwear dream! 

Take a leaf out of celebrity Lori Harvey's style playbook. Jet-setting around, she paired a neutral grey hoodie and trackpants with those iconic Jordan shoes for women, jazzed up with hoop earrings and the iconic Prada shoulder bag. It’s a match made in sneaker heaven!

The Old Reliable - Puffer Jacket with Jordan Shoes For Women

Don’t we all love a good puffer? Whether you prefer the long sleeve or vest version, pairing it with Women’s Nike Jordans will add the perfect sporty touch to your outfit. It’s the perfect choice for those colder days when you still want to flex your sneakers.

And while you’re at it, why not match your shirt or dress the colourway of your Women’s Air Jordans

Women’s Nike Jordans with a Blazer

Who said you can't mix business with casual? Wear an oversized blazer, a pair of sunnies, and some jewellery of your choice.  Now, slide those feet into your Nike Air Jordan women shoes- and partner them with a pair of jeans. 

For those warmer days, the blazer and Women’s Jordans combo will look great with a mini skirt or dress instead of jeans.

Grab Your Nike Air Jordan For Women at Untied

Whether you're a sneaker aficionado or just dipping your toes into the sneaker scene, we've got the perfect pair of Jordan Shoes for Women to elevate your outfits. It’s time to give your collection an upgrade - Jordan style!
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