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How to Style Nike Dunks: Fashion Tips and Inspiration - UNTIED AU

How to Style Nike Dunks: Fashion Tips and Inspiration

Have ever stared at your brand-new Nike Dunks and thought, "How the heck do I style these beauties?" We've all been there! But fret not, because here at Untied, we're bringing you the ultimate guide to styling your Nike Dunks. From chilled-out casual looks to turning heads on a night out, we've got you covered! 

Understanding the Nike Dunk Appeal

To truly understand how to style them, let's first appreciate the Nike Dunks' versatility. Born from basketball, they've transcended sporty boundaries and have become a fashion icon. From its unique silhouette to its vast colour spectrum, it's no wonder they've been on every sneaker enthusiast's radar.

The Bold Statement: Nike Dunk Panda

The Nike Dunk Panda is more than just a shoe; it's a statement. With its black-and-white contrast, it goes perfectly with a range of outfits.

Monochrome Mode

When styling the Nike Dunk Panda, it's hard to go wrong with a classic monochrome look.  Keep the outfit in black, white, or grey tones. Think monochrome tracksuits, or jeans and a tee in these shades.

Pop of Colour

While the shoe remains black and white, let your outfit be the colour splash. Bright hoodies, vibrant caps, or even colourful socks can change the game.

Dunks + Denims: A Match Made in Fashion Heaven

Pulling out your go-to  jeans to pair with those Nike Dunks? The casual charm of denim combined with the sleek design of Nike Dunks is a recipe for streetwear success.

How to Style Men’s Nike Dunks and Women’s Nike Dunks with Your Fave Pair of Jeans

Remember, the fit is key! Aim for straight-leg jeans with a softer volume. There's something magic about that loose fit, be it straight-leg or a cool baggy style, which complements perfectly with those slightly chunky dunks.

Cargos & Nike Dunks: The Unsung Style Duo

Fancy a break from the denim world with your Nike Dunks? Enter, the old reliable - cargo pants. These bad boys, with their roomy pockets and relaxed fit, are a match made in style heaven with your Dunks.

For guys rocking the Men’s Nike Dunks, think about sliding into a pair of khaki or sleek black cargo trousers, teamed up with a t-shirt. Top it all off with a cap or bucket hat, and you're golden! For the ladies, you might choose to style Women’s Nike Dunks with a crop top instead of a baggy shirt. The options are basically endless!

Whether you’re wearing Men’s Nike Dunks or  Women’s Nike Dunks, remember that it's all about complementing rather than matching. So, don't sweat if your clothes aren’t the exact shade as your kicks. Earthy tones like brown, cream, beige, khaki, and grey are your best friends for crafting an effortless look with your Dunks.

Loungewear & Dunks: The Ultimate Lazy Day Duo

When the weather gets chilly or, let's be honest, when you just can't be bothered to slip into those jeans or cargos, sweatpants are the unsung heroes. These cosy wonders, especially in shades like off-white, jet black, toasty beige, and sleek grey, are lifesavers on those more chill kind of days.

Think oversized hoodies, snug knit jumpers, and the fluffiest of sweaters. Pair your Nike Dunks with trackpants, and boom – an effortlessly on-trend ‘fit is born!

Mixing and Matching: The Art of Balance

Remember, the key to a perfect outfit is balance. If your Dunks are loud and vibrant, consider going subtle on the attire. But if you're sporting a basic colour Dunk, let your outfit take centre stage!

Accessorising Your Dunks: The Icing on the Cake

While the shoes are a statement on their own, the right accessories can be game-changers.

Funky Socks: Stripes, patterns, or even a pop of neon – let them peek out from your Nike Dunk

Hats and Caps: Hats aren’t just for sun protection, you know! Top off your look with your favourite cap or a bucket hat to show off your style.

Experiment with Laces: Swap out the standard laces for something bold or colourful. Reflect your personality!

Buy Men’s Nike Dunks and Women’s Nike Dunks at Untied

Looking to up your shoe game? It’s time to check out Untied! We've got an epic range of Men’s Nike Dunks and  Women’s Nike Dunks that are keen to join your collection. Whether it's a laid-back Sunday or a night out on Saturday, we've got the perfect pair for every mood. Shop now!

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